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In January on 2011 I started working at Money Morning as an Associate Editor writing articles on financial news. Money Morning is the Web site of Money Map Press and part of Agora Inc., based in Mount Vernon in the heart of Baltimore. The link goes directly to a page that lists my most recent stories.


In February 2010 I agreed to design - from scratch - a new twice-monthly online magazine targeted to fans of thoroughbred horse racing. National in scope, Stride offered feature stories on the full range of people in the industry, from the jockeys and grooms to the horse farm owners. Unfortunately, it only lasted eight issues, but it was a blast!


I was a page designer at The Sun for over 18 years, though I also did some copy editing and wrote stories from time to time. During my last two years there I wrote a blog on Apple Inc., called Apple a Day. Though The Sun removes inactive blogs, I am restoring most of the material on this Web site. The link above goes to that page.


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David Zeiler: An Introduction and Biography

David G. Zeiler

This is the Internet home of David G. Zeiler, writer, editor, publications designer, Apple, Inc. expert and political curmudgeon. Here you will find projects new and old, or at least links to projects new and old.

I just added a photo gallery page for pictures of my daughter's soccer team. Hopefully I'l be adding more soon...

Since this page obviously needs content, and you just as obviously want to know more about me, this seems like a good place to write a biography.

Let me apologize in advance for referring to myself in the third person and using my full name throughout this biography; after going to all the trouble to create this page I darn well want people to find it on Google, so I'm playing the SEO game. You understand, right?

Let's get to it, then.

David Zeiler is a native of Baltimore and, like so many of his fellow Baltimoreans, never left. He went to Catholic schools all the way through: St. Matthew School on Loch Raven Blvd. (now Cardinal Shehan School), Loyola Blakefield in Towson, and Loyola College in Maryland (now Loyola University), where he majored in English/Mass Communications.

The Catholic Review and The Choice magazine

After graduating from Loyola College (yes, I persist in using the former name in protest), David Zeiler landed his first real journalism job - at The Catholic Review, the weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

There David Zeiler was asked to do a weekly rock column. Yes, a rock column. In The Catholic Review. Back then Dave Zeiler was a young whippersnapper who spent a lot of time listening to rock music and going to see local band, like The Ravyns, play in clubs.

In those early days at The Catholic Review, David Zeiler also became part of a short-lived local rock magazine called The Choice, where he served as an Associate Editor. At The Choice, Dave Zeiler interviewed such alternative rock talents as Suzanne Vega, the Replacements, the Ramones, The Fleshtones, and The Damned.

At The Catholic Review, David Zeiler also did page design and helped supervise the paste-up production process at The Capital in Annapolis. Eventually he got promoted to News Editor, which meant more story editing, less story writing, and all of the page design duties. Oh, and he kept on doing the rock column. It was popular with the young folks, and featured a logo with Dave Zeiler's picture!

After six years, however, the Catholic news cycle started to get repetitive. So when David Zeiler saw a job opening at The Sun for a copy editor/page designer, he immediately applied.

David Zeiler Goes to The Sun

David Zeiler was asked to come in to The Sun's Calvert Street offices on a Saturday to take a copy editing test. He must have done well, because the next week he was offered a job!

Working at The Sun was a pretty big deal for Dave Zeiler, who as a native Baltimorean grew up reading both the morning Sun as well as The Evening Sun every day. This wasn't just a hometown newspaper, it was a venerable news institution that had a respected Washington bureau, numerous foreign bureaus, and had won Pultizer Prizes.

David Zeiler started out designing pages and copy editing for the county editions, known in-house as the zoned editions. After about three years, the publisher of The Sun at the time decided to merge the zones with the morning Sun editorial operations.

At that point, David Zeiler became a full-time page designer. Shortly afterward, the regular designer for the Business section asked for a switch, and Dave Zeiler was asked to take on the job. It was a natural fit, like when Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver moved Cal Ripken to shortstop from third base.

Dave Zeiler soon became known throughout the Sun newsroom as the "biz guy." It was a role he relished, as his technical expertise was soon needed to create templates of the stock tables and other business agate, which back then consumed about half of the business pages. David Zeiler remained a proud steward of the Business section until it ceased to exist as a separate section in 2008. (It was folded into a comprehensive news section along with the Metro section as part of a series of severe cost-cutting measures.)

Meanwhile, David Zeiler never quite left behind his roots as a writer. By the mid-1990s, The Sun had launched a weekly tech section called Plugged In, and editor Mike Himowitz quickly enlisted Dave Zeiler to write about the Mac and oter Apple-related news. It was the beginning of an association with tech news that continues to the present day...

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